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The OakHill Parkway and its Possible Impact on Ridgeview

The OakHill Parkway and its Possible Impact on Ridgeview

Update as of Feb 2, 2019

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Items that pertain to Ridgeview:


The Oak Hill Parkway project study area extends approximately four miles along US 290 from west of FM 1826 to Loop 1 (MoPac) as well as along approximately one mile of SH 71 from US 290 north to Silvermine Drive. The proposed improvements include considering direct connectors at the intersection of US 290 and SH 71. These study boundaries were designated and given to the project team by CAMPO as part of our mandate to thoroughly analyze the corridor and determine the best approach for improving mobility. 

Although the study area on US 290 terminates at RM 1826, as a result of public input, a transition area extending the project past Circle Drive/Southview Road has been incorporated into the design schematics.


  • Intersections would be constructed along US 290 at Convict Hill Road, RM 1826, Scenic Brook Drive, and Circle Drive (South View Road) where the highway would go below ground and the cross street would be at ground level.
  • Lowering the US 290 main lanes underneath cross street overpasses at Circle Drive, Scenic Brook Road, RM 1826, and Convict Hill Road, and at the US 290/SH 71 intersection
  • Extending the improvements west of Circle Drive and reducing the proposed project’s footprint in that area

In Oct 2018, the project received environmental clearance, it is slotted to begin construction in 2020.  However, this does not mean construction will immediately begin at Circle Drive where our quiet little community sits.  Quite the opposite is happening.  The board has been in contact with an eminent domain attorney and land surveyors to evaluate the land value between 290 and the concrete wall that separates our neighborhood from 290.  This process should take at least 6 months of negotiation and will hopefully result in some fair compensation for the property which TxDOT wishes to purchase from the board.  TxDOT currently shows they have a 125-foot easement from 290 inwards.  The completion of the project is still slotted for four years.


Proposed Plan “A”

Notice between the yellow dot-dot-dashed lines will be the sunken highway.  The orange/green will be the sound barrier wall, which appears to be roughly 125-40 feet from the nearest road.



Noise maps.  You particular report can be found here:


As a member of the community for six years and the president of the association for almost three years now, I feel the 290 expansion will dramatically improve commute times to Austin.  I believe our neighborhood is and will remain very desirable because it is close to Dripping Springs, downtown Austin and Southwest Parkway where many of our residents work and play.  We are one of the last neighborhoods in Travis County with a 2% tax rate, largely because we are not annexed into Austin, and I don’t see any indications we will be in the foreseeable future.  If you have any questions about the Ridgeview community or the HOA,  please reach out to us via email at

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Glenn Struzinski


Ridgeview HOA