About Your HOA

About Your HOA

Our Home Owners Association at Ridgeview consists of 3 board members:

Glenn Struzinski – President

Chris Sheiffer – Vice President

Erica Broyer – Secretary

Our association has responsibility for its common elements as well as the management and operation of the association’s business affairs – – all in accordance with standards established by the governing documents created when the community was first developed. To the extent that an association (typically a non-profit corporation) has such authority and control, it is its board of directors that carries out these duties and responsibilities.
The members of the board of directors and each officer of the association have a fiduciary relationship with the members of the association. This fiduciary relationship imposes obligations of trust and confidence in favor of the corporation and its members. It requires the members of the board to act in good faith and in the best interests of the members of the association. It means that board members must exercise due care and diligence when acting for the community, and it requires them to act within the scope of their authority.

Acting through the board as a whole, a board member should:

• Enforce the documents
• Establish sound fiscal policies and maintain accurate records
• Develop a workable budget, keeping in mind the needs, requirements and expectations of the community
• Establish reserve funds
• Act on budget items and determine assessment rates
• Collect assessments
• Establish, publicize, and enforce rules and penalties
• Authorize legal action against owners who do not comply with the rules
• Review local laws before passing rules or sending bylaws to membership for approval
• Appoint committees and delegate authority to them
• Select an attorney, an auditor, insurance agent and other professionals for the association
• Provide adequate insurance coverage, as required by the bylaws and local governmental agencies
• Inform board members of all business items that require their vote
• Inform members of important board decisions and transactions
• See that the association is protected for the acts of all parties with fiscal responsibilities
• Attend and participate at meetings

Why do we have an HOA?
An HOA is the cornerstone of a planned residential community. It brings continuity and order to the community, it preserves the architectural integrity and it maintains the common elements. Properly run, the association promotes the concept of “community” and protects the neighborhood’s property values. In many cases, it collectively makes available recreational and other facilities that might not otherwise be affordable or available to homeowners and residents on an individual basis.